Hello Excellent Andrew and Casey,

After reviewing your site http://www.libertysecurityllc.org/ in it's entirety on Desktop and Mobile and comparing it to your local competitors, I have come up with the following analysis and recommendations.

Website URL

libertysecurityllc.org/ with domain name / new website design transferring to libertysecurityllc.com. We can "park" the .org to the libertysecurityllc.com so that existing traffic and visits to the site will not be lost. Hosting will be provided by Godaddy.

Migration to Wordpress platform:

I recommend migrating to a Wordpress installation for the revamp. WP is a powerful content management system, widely supported,  easy to maintain and add new pages, content and media and I also provide training for it as well. I will handle the entire installation including updates, plugins and settings.

Overall impression of existing site:

The current site has an old "hard" feel to it and much of the text is difficult to view.  I will go through each section step by step to detail how to  greatly improve the look and feel of the header, footer, navigation and pages.

New site design: 

To ensure the great success of Liberty Security LLC and your new site design and appearance, I reviewed and compared several of your competitors' websites. The current site is informative and Liberty Security LLC appears to be a fine company indeed, but what's missing from the content is a sense of "Why do security with us" vs your competitors? I will have recommendations on how to put your site and business one step ahead of them below.

The revamp will provide a more open area feel with larger font size, well positioned images, less crowded info sections curved buttons / media to create a "2019" appearance. Also important is factor in ADA issues so that people with visual challenges will be able to view your site easily. 

Color scheme:

The  color scheme of white on dark blue is difficult to view. I recommend the use of lighter colors especially in text-dense areas such as navigation. The font currently used is also difficult to read, i recommend Open Sans / Helvetica. 

Website sections analysis:


The header looks "crowded" and info smushes into each other on laptop screens and smaller desktop. Example below:

my recommendation will be to create a simpler header and menu header section, remove the address on that section entirely. Example of some clean navigations / menus below :

Home Page:

Revise the slider to be 100% width with text and "call to action" or more info text embedded inside. example here:

On this section below of the existing site:

Replace this section with creation of several image boxes with the info above broken out into each section. It creates a powerful, easier to read look and removes the "kitchen sink" feel. In this section you can combine the info from above AND your services section

 too that comes underneath the 2 boxes. On those sections can be a button to go to your services page. Similar example from another site:

Underneath that section can be reviews or testimonials which I did a search on your FB page and also on Yelp and I could not locate any. I highly recommend to initiate getting some recommendations on your FB page section, on Yelp or other places. These can be easily embedded into the site. Your competition has many of their own so this is very important for your site so that people will have a good reason to choose you over the others ("WOW LIBERTY ROCKS, WE WILL HIRE THEM FOR NEXT JOB!!") For example, on one of your competitor's site, this section exists. 

Next, i recommend having a "latest news" section feed (which can pull from FB page or blog function) and have link to full news page (new page I am recommending below)


This is a very important section about your business so let's move the section with the DBE / MBE info to the footer that way it will be on every page. Let's boost the font size there a bit to show more prominently.  

Remove "browse our website " and put a vertical header in the middle column (so there will be 3 columns). Increase the size of all the text there, difficult to read at normal resolution. I also suggest embedding a Google map there under contact. Use lighter background color than the current very dark blue.

Services Page:

For the services page, i recommend the same kind of column / section appearance of  images and text. Each image and section contains some info about the services along with a picture. Each section has just one service or description.

About us page:

Remove redundant "

Full Service Property Security in Seattle, WA" 

from top area. 

Next, have each titled area "Full Service Security", "Call us today" with their own section and text that will better space out information. 

**** Also i recommend having a section "our history" or something in the content. That way people can get to know how long your company has been around, what awards if possible have been won, etc. 

**** Also, another possible content addition is to have a "Our Team" section, that say could consist currently of top management and personnel. These sections give a "comfortable" feel to the viewing and review of your site by visitors /potential new clients

Contact us page:

The current layout is not bad and we can keep something similar to it. Links to future page "Reviews" under the form.

Recommended new pages:

Review page:

Where your future testimonials will go. For now, we can put a "review this business" on that page which will allow clients to go to your FB review page and leave on there. As they come in, they will be put here. 

Latest news page:

Feed from FB page or can also be from the blog function provided by Wordpress itself. Some of your competitors sites had some current Security postings on there, and this gives a lively, updated feel to the site.

Ongoing suggestions during redesign:

During the redesign, I may have additional suggestions / recommendations of content, media, functions or other mechanisms that I will send and request feedback on to create the best possible and most successful website for Libery Security LLC.